Universal Awareness

Real usurper

The complete defense of personal pride, which inflicts everything on us, is a biological behavior for survival rather than a moral or social behavior. In fact, our unconscious is struggling to survive our human identity. Identity under the control of real usurper. This is a soft effort to protect our permanent captivity camp.

Universal Awareness

Perceptual slippage

The interruption and detachment in the continuation of human perception makes us unable to describe our surroundings.
If we understand the world around us, it is due to an uninterrupted continuity.
When crossing the boundaries of ordinary human perception, the most difficult task is the continuity of accuracy at a certain level. Failure to deploy at a certain level creates an inaudible perception that does not last a long time and slip into another inaudible perception.

To the mind

The best to do

Most people mistaken the path of spiritual conduct with personalized relaxation techniques.
The path of conduct is a permanent and endless battle. It is a battle not for victory, but for the best way to act.
A warrior must either act the best or will be killed.
A path of conduct that does not end in immortality is a stupid fantasy.
The path of immortality is completely different from the path of self relaxation.